Formula 1: San Marino F1 GP 2004 – Technical Analysis

FIA Formula One San Marino Grand Prix 2004

Williams FW26 – additional wing profile above rear axle

The FW26 sported an additional wing profile placed on the top of the rear axle. Used in practice but then discarded for the race, the idea was to raise rear downforce in order to correct an aerodynamic imbalance in the car that made it overly pitch sensitive at the front.

Renault R24 – rear-wing endplates

At Imola Renault’s endplates sported a vertical air vent not dissimilar to a solution seen on the Minardi since Melbourne. This design provided less drag at high speed allowing the team to run a more aggressive wing profile without raising overall drag.

Ferrari F2004 – engine cover evolution

The engine cover adhered more closely to the engine, almost becoming a second skin, allowing for a reduction of about of 30mm in the height of the rear bodywork (1), and narrower chimneys (2). The Italian team also slightly reduced the overall width of their mid-wing, originally introduced in Australia.


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