Formula 1: European F1 GP 2004 – Technical Analysis

FIA Formula One European Grand Prix 2004

Ferrari F2004 – front axle barge boards

Introduced in Monaco and refined for the Nurburgring, Ferrari’s unusual-looking barge boards were housed within the front suspension. From the European race onwards, they were elongated, presenting a knife-edge like bottom profile. This reduced turbulence and improved the efficiency of the airflow towards the bottom of the car.

Renault R24 – front wing

The R24 sported a new front wing in Europe, or rather it returned to something resembling the original design seen at the car’s launch. Rather than the central deep spoon profile featured so far, now only the side extremities were raised, with an almost flat central section. The team’s engineers considered this configuration more efficient as well as less sensitive to ride-height variations.

McLaren MP4-19 – cooling problems

Engine failures plagued the first half of McLaren’s season, an issue related to the nature of the V10’s installation and the car’s tight rear-end packaging. As well as engine vibration, the cooling difficulties that had hampered the MP4-19’s development remained and venting sufficient hot air from the sidepods was still a particular problem


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