Formula 1: Germany F1 GP 2004 – Technical Analysis

FIA Formula One Germany Grand Prix 2004

Renault R24 – front wing

Another change to the Renault’s front wing occurred in Germany, where the endplates sported a particularly sculpted entry profile at the bottom edge. The main wing profile retained the central, deep-spoon shape, featuring extremities slightly higher than the main profile level. The adjustment was designed to reduce the car’s front-end pitch sensitivity.

BAR 006 – FCP system

At Hockenheim BAR introduced the Front Clutch Package, a system not dissimilar to the Front Torque Transfer device tried by Benetton in 1999, designed to help the car’s entry into corners under braking. The FIA ordered its removal after Friday practice, but a stripped down version with no electronic control was later accepted at Monza.

Toyota TF104 – new nose

A new, visibly narrower (3) nose design, sporting curved instead of vertical pillars (2) connecting the nose to the front wing. The endplates featured revised side winglets (1) with a much thicker leading edge than seen previously.


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