US GP Qualifying Times

1. TRULLI Toyota 1m10.625s

2. RAIKKONEN McLaren 1m10.694s

3. BUTTON BAR 1m11.277s

4. FISICHELLA Renault 1m11.290s

5. M.SCHUMACHER Ferrari 1m11.369s

6. ALONSO Renault 1m11.380s

7. BARRICHELLO Ferrari 1m11.431s

8. SATO BAR 1m11.497s

9. WEBBER Williams 1m11.527s

10. MASSA Sauber 1m11.555s

11. MONTOYA McLaren 1m11.681s

12. VILLENEUVE Sauber 1m11.691s

13. ZONTA Toyota 1m11.754s

14. KLIEN Red Bull 1m12.132s

15. HEIDFELD Williams 1m12.430s

16. COULTHARD Red Bull 1m12.682s

17. MONTEIRO Jordan 1m13.462s

18. ALBERS Minardi 1m13.632s

19. KARTHIKEYAN Jordan 1m13.776s

20. FRIESACHER Minardi 1m14.494s


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