University of Sheffield celebrates 100th birthday.

The University of Sheffield, UK, is this year celebrating it’s 100th birthday, with a range of events and festivities to mark its centenary.The University received its official Royal Charter on May 31 1905, when King Edward VII signed the Royal Charter that marked the University’s birth. The charter was delivered to Victoria Station on 3 June 1905, to be met by the Officers of the University and all 114 registered students. The University will also celebrate Centenary day, on 12 July, which represents 100 years since King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra visited Sheffield to officially open the University’s first buildings.

Since its inception the University of Sheffield has been dedicated to providing a world class education for all its students – from 1905 when there were 114 students enrolled at the University, to 2005 when the University boasts over 25,000 students from 116 different countries.As well as looking back over past successes, the centenary year is also about looking forward to the future. For example, the University has commissioned a painting called ‘Our University’ which depicts life at the University both past and present. It is also a chance to celebrate the changes taking place on campus today. The University has an ambitious building programme, costing over £100 million, which will provide modern facilities within this historic University. These facilities include a new chemistry building and a Learning Resources Centre that will provide state-of-art a library and study facilities.


The University’s academic pedigree is first class, and it is one of the leading research-led Universities in the UK. 35 of tis departments have been rated as 5 or 5* in the government’s Research Assessment Exercise, which is sixth highest in the UK. It’s teaching has also received high ratings and it was ranked as third in the UK. The University also has three Queen’s Anniversary Awards, which recognise outstanding contributions by universities and colleges to the nation’s intellectual, economic, cultural and social life, and, in the past 100 years, counts five Nobel Prize winners amongst its ex staff and students. This includes two prizes for chemistry and three for medicine/physiology.

The coming months will see a range of celebrations in Sheffield – for staff, students and the local community to enjoy. The University of Sheffield has come a long way in the past 100 years, but still offers a high quality education in a fantastic city. 



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