Festival Period and Year End – Thoughts on HSSE – a message from Chairman of Shell Malaysia

From: Chairman – Shell Malaysia

To: Shell Malaysia Staff

Date: 26th October 2005

Subject: Festival Period and Year End – Thoughts on HSSE

Dear Colleague,
With the upcoming festival period and during the weeks towards year end, I would like to remind everybody to constantly keep in mind that Safety Takes Priority in all that we do – whether operationally or as we make preparations to balik kampung to celebrate with loved ones. However, there are various unfavourable factors for safety which I have highlighted in previous years, and I would like to kindly ask that you read this message again as this is an opportune time to remind ourselves of the need to stay vigilant.

Festive Season:
As several cultural and religious festivals are falling in the coming weeks, I respectfully urge all of us to please remain focused and to keep our “eyes on the ball”. Your family members want you to return home safely to join them in the celebrations. If you are driving, please ensure that both you and your car are in good physical condition prior to the journey. Please remember to drive defensively and observe good driving practices throughout the entire journey. Observe the speed limit and take a rest whenever you are tired during the journey. Let’s do our part to keep the roads in Malaysia safe.

Year-end Leave Period:
The year end tends to see an increase in the number of staff taking or clearing their leave balance. Please ensure that our business operations have continuity and more importantly, site activities have the necessary resource coverage and effective supervision.

Adverse Weather:
During the monsoon season, rain and rough sea conditions are expected more frequently than in other months. Bad weather imposes a higher risk to many parts of our operations, especially during transfers at sea.

As initiatives to be encouraged, all worksites should:

Rigorously assess the impact of the above on your activities and introduce additional controls if required.

Include these as discussion subjects in all toolbox and HSSE meetings.

Please remember that you are obliged to STOP WORK if you see any conditions on site that do not permit safe operations. You have a duty to stop the work …… this duty is much more than a right.

Below are several tips to ensure your continued safety and security. I urge you to practise these tips below – you can make a real difference to the safety of our roads by driving carefully. Have a safe journey and enjoy your break.

With Best Regards,
Datuk Jon Chadwick
Chairman – Shell Malaysia

Before the journey:
  • Check your vehicle – have it inspected to ensure everything is in excellent condition.
  • Plan your route carefully with sufficient breaks along the route for rest.
  • If possible, get an additional driver so that you can take turns to drive.
  • Get enough sleep the night before.

Before you leave:

  • Ensure all doors and windows are locked with the alarm properly armed.
  • Use a timer for internal lighting to create the impression that the home is occupied. These can be purchased at any decent hardware store.
  • Never keep a spare key under the welcome mat or in the potted plant outside the main door!!
  • Ensure that your mail and newspapers are collected by a friend/neighbour, preventing the impression that no one is home.
  • If residing in an apartment complex, refrain from informing the guards how long you will be away. There have been cases where the guards have colluded with burglars.

While Travelling
During the journey:

  • Try not to drive continuously for more than 2 hours without taking a break.
  • If you start to feel sleepy, pull over immediately to a safe place and only resume driving when you are sure you are sufficiently alert.
  • At petrol kiosks along the way, ensure that your windscreen is wiped clean and your engine and tire condition are checked.
  • Try to avoid driving at peak periods especially in the 1 or 2 days before or on the eve of the holidays when the roads will be busiest.
  • Try to avoid night driving, as it is potentially hazardous to those unfamiliar with the roads.

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