Heidfeld looking to 2008 for race wins

Nick Heidfeld says he is not expecting success in his first year with the new BMW SauberF1 team but would obviously welcome it. While BMW and Sauber both have strong historical links with F1 it is not a definite recipe for success. Formula One is a constantly evolving sport and Heidfeld knows that, at the moment, the teams to beat are McLaren and Renault. He also understands that the introduction of V8 engines could pose another challenge.

Nick Heidfeld “There will be a big difference in the engines, both in terms of reliability and power, and for sure McLaren and Renault will bring good and quick cars.”

Heidfeld finished in eighth position in 2005, under the Williams banner, and is hoping to improve on that in 2006. The German driver though maintains that he is not looking for immediate success, but rather that he is committed to bringing success to the team in the next few years.

He understands that time together, as a team, and racing experience are important to the long term success of the new racing brand.

“I hope to finish among the top six next year, because I finished eighth this year, but the most important thing is not to be successful next season. But in three years I hope we can win races by then. I hope by 2008 that we can win and of course it is happens before then it will be nice – but I now it takes time to integrate new teams.”


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