Spied: junior McLaren supercar

Here is evidence that the £100,000 Mercedes-McLaren does exist. Set to rival the Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430 and Audi R8, McLaren’s engineers may deny it, but our evidence of feasibility studies suggests otherwise.

Click images to enlarge, more belowYou needn’t panic, though – it won’t look like some sort of home-built soapbox racer. The rear-mid-engined machine (which is still a good few years away) will, suggest our artists, combine deep, high-sided, flowing lines with the familiar Mercedes F1-style nose. A more mature, elegant machine than the SLR (though we’re sure we are not alone in seeing hints of Bugatti Veyron in the work of our well-connected penman). Mercedes isn’t pitching this as a hardcore performance car, but a high-performance GT that’s distinct from the more extreme SLR, and the styling looks set to reflect this.

Spied: BMW X6 SUV
Likely to be called SLS, rumours abound that it may go one further than rivals, and boast a unique three-seat layout, as per the original McLaren F1. It’s been suggested that the middle seat could be set behind the other two, in a reverse of the F1’s configuration, which would aid the packaging of radiators for that mid-set engine. With the addition of a tasty 6.3-litre AMG V8, producing around 550bhp, you can see why we’re excited. But, surely, they wouldn’t tune the engine up to 612bhp+, thus beating the power output of the F1? Would they?


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