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101 Motivational quotes -37-

Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice. –Wayne Dyer


How to Perk Up Organizational Skills?

By Anirban Bhattacharya

Organizational skills can be better defined as arrangement and systematic order of activities in each and every aspect of life. These particular skills help in attaining a system of order in the normal course of living and avert any kind of hassle and problems to get the work done.

In this fast changing life, the importance of organizational skills cannot be denied. It is needed at each and every level a person’s life management and leads to a balance and discipline in life. By adapting skills to normal course of leading life and the way of conducting it, a person can gets success; attain better time management and does well in whatever works he or she undertakes.

Need for Skills to Improve Life

Normally, an average person suffers from problem of time management. Lack of time management, it is difficult to complete activities on time and number of working hours can be controlled on a large extent. But, the tasks that need to be done are many and sometimes people fail to manage all activities at a time. Therefore, organizational skills are really important to follow.

Ways to Improve

Students have a special meaning of these skills, if followed strictly in their study plan. By engrossing essential skills in their studies, students can concentration on different subjects and maintain a firm balance in their total study. Organizing a study plan is also important for strengthening concentration power and grasping the concept in better way. Here are few tips that might help you to improve skills from study point of view:

1. Make a List

Try to prepare a list of your important plans on a daily basis. A weekly list can also be prepared that will include each and every activity of your life.

2. Prioritize the List

After preparing the list, you can prioritize it as per your needs and requirements. See what needs to be done in the first and what you can delay for the rest of the day.

3. Evaluate Results

Prioritizing the work will definitely help you to evaluating the outcomes of the work. You need to analyze the results and implement them into your life.

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Success: Focus On The Task Until Completion

By Dennis Harting

Want to instantly change the results that you get in life? There is one way which will move everything you do to another level in a matter of moments. Resolve in from this moment forward to focus on a single task until it is fully completed. Develop within yourself the ability to concentrate 100% on the situation at hand and not to stop until that task is finished.

The world pays for completion. To illustrate this point, let me ask this simple question: how much would you pay for an incomplete piece of furniture? Would you be willing to pay top dollar? The answer obviously is that you would not. Perhaps you might be willing to part with money for an unfinished piece of software. The fact that it does not do what is designed to do is something that you could be willing to overlook. Of course, this is not true either. You are willing to part with your money only for products that are complete. If you do come across something that requires work, you most likely want a substantial discount.

This principle holds true in all areas of life. Successful people are those who are able to complete activities. The individuals who are the most successful in a particular field are the ones who complete the assigned task more often than anyone else. Use the example of sports. What is the difference between a .200 hitter and someone who hits .300? The one with the higher average is successful one more time every 10 at bats. This equates into a difference of millions of dollars. Another example is in sales. The top sales people complete the task of selling more frequently and in greater volumes than the unsuccessful person.

How can this apply to your life? Lets begin by looking at your profession. Is your employer paying you to complete some of the assigned tasks in your job description? Or, is he or she compensating you to finish a portion of a particular task? The answer is again to the negative. When an employer provides an assignment, the expectation is that it will be completed in its entirety. That is what your compensation is contingent upon. Those who fulfill assignments better than the others move higher within an organization.

The greatest advantage that you have is that most people fail miserably at completing tasks. Focus is something the average person is unskilled at. Many allow distractions to interfere with the progress that is being made. Momentum is allowed to dwindle by the constant starting and stopping of an activity. We have all encountered those people who are termed “great starters”. What is the implication of this title: that they are lousy finishers. These people tend to jump from project to project. They are adept at reaching a certain point before their focus looks into another area. What stands out most about these individuals is the path of incomplete tasks left in their wake.

How can this be used to your advantage? Focusing is a habit. If you will dedicate yourself to improving this skill, you will quickly learn how much of a boost it is. Life is full of distractions. Being able to succeed in spite of what is going on around us is a difference maker. The easiest way to develop this skill is to complete the task that is right in front of you. Most likely it is completing this article. Do not switch to another window, answer an instant message, or check your email. Finish reading the words printed here before attending to those tasks. This is how we form the habit of changing our mindset. Allowing distractions to interfere with what we are concentrating on is nothing more than a habit. Creating a different habit will net us different results.

Dedicated focus to a single activity until it is finished alters our life in many ways. People with this habit have the reputation as being someone who can get things done. Unresolved issues drive people crazy. Individuals love to deal with people who will get things completed. It removes a great burden from them. Handling the activities in front of us also increases our self confidence. We soon realize there is not much that will down the path which we cannot accomplish. The dedication to seeing something to fulfillment will create that reality. Finally, we will find we have more energy since we are not being drained. Unresolved issues have a way of sapping the life right out of us. We mentally focus upon it at the least opportune moments. Each time our mind drifts into that area, we lose a little more energy that is necessary to perform the task presently being worked on. Completing each as it arise allows us to recapture an incredible amount of lost energy.

Focus on whatever it is in front of you until it is completed. This single practice will instantly increase the amount of successes you enjoy. The world will recognize you in a short period of time. It loves individuals who can get things completed.

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Develop Organizational Skills to Get Success

By Anirban Bhattacharya

To get success, name and fame in this fast developing world, it is necessary to develop and enhance skills that bring efficiency and a systematic order in life. With the increasing life, the ways to tackle it have been improving as well.

Setting organizational skills for students is important to make their life disciplined and better. Following points can help to develop your organizational skills and gives you success and recognition.


Free and effective communication is one of the easy steps to develop organizational skills. One needs to be friendly with everyone and expressive enough to float his or her ideas, opinions, and thoughts constructively. This particular quality can also help you to create a cordial environment to get the work done in possible team work and healthy work environment. By interacting with people, you can understand people in better and easy manner. Also, your goals can be achieved at the set time without any hassles.


Leadership is a great quality in a person. It not only enhances your ability to meet the targets but also ensures a great work in the end. A leader must be convincing, understanding, analyzing, and soft-spoken to get the work done in most effective and desired manner.

Self development

Self development is one of the basic qualities to enhance skills in life. It also beings responsibility and accountability in a person; improves ability to improves at the greatest. You can further extend your limit and enjoy your life to the fullest.


To get success, a person needs to be strictly committed to his or her work. By developing a sense of commitment, a person can develop his or her goodwill in every sphere of the life.

Listening to Others

Have a good hobby that allows a person to bring improvements and enhancements in his or her life constantly.

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