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The Patterns of Excellence

SyafizaFirst, i would like to thank you for visit this blog. Your investment of time in reading this blog means that you know you can and deserve to make a lot more money and achieve greater wealth in you life. You know that you can achieve the wealth that will allow you to experience the freedom and security that you deserve. Money that will allow you to live the lifestyle of your dreams, to do what you truly love, to buy what you have to always wanted, to share it with the people you care about and to make the world a better place through your generosity.

Well, i have great news for you. You already have in your possession, the greatest money making asset that you will ever need. You have the exact same materials available to you as what Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Donald Trump started off with.

The fact that you are investing your time to read it only means that no matter where you are in your life you truly desire to achieve a lot more. You have taken a most important first step: You have taken action and are putting that desire on the road to manifesting it. So, what kind of significant change do you want to create in your life? Greatly increase your income? Be a much more effective communicator? Grow as a person? Be the best in your field? Create stronger relationships with the people you care about? Whatever it is, know this:

You Have All the Resources You Need to Succeed

Most people set limits on how much they can achieve simply because they believe they lack the resources needed for successful outcomes. They believe that they just don’t have the mental discipline, intelligence, luck, creativity, energy or talent to live at a level they can only dream of.

‘If only I was more creative or innovative, I would be able to take advantage of that opportunity.’ Heard that one before? Yes, so many people believe that they have to wait for resources to appear (a lottery win or share bonanza), in order for them to use it to get what they want.

  • ‘When I have more money, then I can think of starting my own business.’
  • ‘When I am more mature, with a lot more experience behind me, then I can take on that challenge.’
  • ‘When I have more time, then I can start to plan my finances.’
  • ‘When I find a better partner, then I can enjoy a happier relationship.’

Heard all these before?

Our Brain and Body are the most powerful resources that each and every one of us were born with on this planet. If used and run effectively, your internal resources will enable you to get any physical-external resource you require to help you achieve any goal you desire. Most people cite lack of MONEY as their number one excuse for not taking advantage of opportunities and taking action. Yet we all know that some of the most successful corporate-household names in the world started with little or no

Take Honda and Sony Corporation’s founders, Soichiro Honda and Akio Morita or even Apple’s founder Steve Jobs. They started with nothing but their own ingenuity and personal power to create winning, innovative products and wealth followed naturally, which then allowed them to create even greater wealth.

TIME is the next most common resource that people say they lack. Yet we all work by the same clocks. All of us have twenty-four hours a day within which we have to eat, sleep, relax, recharge and work, smart or otherwise. It is surely therefore our ability to plan, manage and control how we use time that creates results, or lack of results. Again, it comes back to how we control our own internal resources. Use them effectively or squander them.

How about OTHER PEOPLE as a resource?

Here again, many people believe that they just don’t have the right partners, customers, colleagues, family or bosses to support their life or career goals. Again, if you have the internal resources of knowing how to build rapport, influence and direct the thoughts and behaviors of others positively, you WILL attract the kind of people you need to help you succeed. So it is truly how we manage our internal resources that make all the difference.

We All Have Basically the Same Hardware

But do all of us have the same internal resources available to us? Do we all have the same mental resources to be influential, confident, creative, intelligent and so on? The answer is YES!

At first this may seem a bit hard to believe but if you study the human brain and the science of neurology (and in recent decades we have made quantum leaps in our understanding of our Brain), you will learn that we all share the same basic neurology or nervous system.

In other words, we all have got basically the same hardware. If someone appears more superior to you in intellect or is a much more effective communicator, it is not because they have a better ‘bio-computer’. They just have better programs running in their ‘bio-computer’ than you have (currently). It is these programs or thought patterns that enable them to be more motivated, more focused, more analytical, more powerful or to be a better communicator.

When run in optimal mode your brain is truly capable of producing any kind of positive and empowering thought or behavioral pattern, and hence any result that you want. Every one of us was born with almost the same basic neurological makeup. We have approximately 1000 billion neurons (nerve cells) in our brain, each capable of processing information at a speed greater than a Pentium four personal computer.

It has been calculated that if a super computer were to be built to have anywhere near the storage capacity and processing capability of the human brain, it would have to be the length of fifty football fields and the height of the Statue of Liberty. And yet, your mega brain is powered daily with less electricity than a ten watt light bulb! How awesome. Think about the miracle your brain is and what you can do with it.

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