The Large Hadron Collider is switching back on – What do scientists hope to learn?


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The Large Hadron Collider — the particle accelerator used to discover the Higgs boson in 2012 — is being fired back up after a two-year break.

The gigantic collider (which includes a 17-mile-long underground tunnel that runs between France and Switzerland) was shut down in February 2013 so engineers could make upgrades. Now, physicists are starting it back up for a new series of experiments intended to push the laws of physics to their limits…

In essence, these experiment involve shooting beams of particles around the ring, using enormous magnets to speed them up to 99.9999 percent of the speed of light (causing them to whip around the ring about 11,000 times per second), then crashing them together. Sophisticated sensors capture all sorts of data on the particles that result from these collisions.

The huge amount of energy present in these collisions leads the particles to break…

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wawa tak pakai sepender!

wawa : mak, tadi abu dan kawan kawan buli wawa mak.
mak : kurang ajar tenuk tenuk neh. diorang buat apa dengan kau.
wawa : diorang suruh wawa panjat pokok kelapa tadi sebab diorang nk tengok sepender wawa.
mak : dah melampau neh. abis kau panjat la pokok kelapa tadi. seronoklah abu dengan tenuk tenuknya tengok sepender kau tu.
wawa : mak, dont worry mak. relax mak.
mak : relax tengkorak unyang kau. diorang dah tengok sepender kau, lagi mak nak relax ke.
wawa : mak jangan risau, hari neh wawa tak pakai sepender.
mak : APAAAAA !!!! (pengsan)

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